TRUST your work – 3:2 Management Model

You know your Treasure, now look at the resources required to meet the goal. It may be worth at this stage moving to the ‘T’ – Time bound. This will give you an idea of time constraints and therefore give you a better idea of resources.

This is all the resources required from self and others, people, budget, equipment etc.

Imagine what resources you might require if there were no barriers.
Now work with the limitations you do have
If there are additional resources required, how will you bridge the gap?

The Bike Shed Effect

Why are Managers not owning unproductive meetings, are they enablers? Is there a culture within your business that silently promotes this… Qui tacet consentit, – silence gives consent.

Six simple truths to getting over the Bike Shed Effect in meetings…

High Performance Outcomes – 3:2 Management Model

The reasons and excuses of under-performers

Many Managers know the goals that they are working towards and do not deliver. This is often because of lack of resources, lack of commitment, lack of motivation and even lack of want.

Equally many Managers will struggle to measure the success or failure of the goals they are working towards.

The 3:2 Management Model

The Step up mind-set is the key to setting you apart from the other managers. The step up mind-set does as it says on the tin; it puts you in a position to step up to the next level whether this be a role change, career promotion or enhanced performance.

Make or break – Seven simple steps to delivering a great presentation

Watching her deliver, she is in front of the room, reaching out, loud and clear and yet not saying a thing, verbally at least.   She looks the part, she’s moved the lectern to the side and her presentation is 4 … Continued

The great, the bland and the downright awful…

Leaders and/or Managers come in many shapes and sizes, many styles, many levels of experience and many levels of adequacy from the great and inspirational, the mediocre, the bland and then the downright awful… The Great There are the great … Continued

Appraisals, Why bother?

Early February I had a meeting with a HR Manager who was talking in general about what was happening within the business. He excitedly spoke about new projects, existing projects, new training initiatives, people problems and in the same breathe he mentioned the word “appraisals” and his body language instantly changed.

Your Reputation Far Exceeds Your Marketing

Marketing is a lot closer to home than often realised. The bad news for companies; This form of marketing cannot be controlled. This form of marketing is your staff – your employees, from the most junior to the most senior. … Continued

Tesco forgot their customers

It’s been reported today (14th of October 2014) by the BBC that Supermarket giant Tesco has asked three more executives to leave their posts as the fall-out continues from its £250m profit guidance overstatement. They take the number of suspended executives to eight.

Watch – Manipulation vs Inspiration

As a manager, are you aware of how to get the best from your employees in an ethical and rewarding way? Margo discusses the difference between manipulating employees versus inspiring them to get the job done and how to tell the difference between the two!

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